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Copenhagen to Gothenborg

April 23, 2016
Gothenborg to Stockholm
April 22, 2016
A first swedish ride
December 8, 2016

The plan is to arrive in Copenhagen on May 14th and see whatever this city has to offer me. It will be my first look of Scandinavia and I’m confident that it will be astonishing. I’ll only stay for 2 days and my ambition is to get the most out of this visit. I would like to see the sightseeing but also the way Danes live their life, check if it’s true that they are the happiest nation and ride my bike in the most bike friendly Capital of the world.

Then i will depart to start my bike trip heading North to reach Helsingør. I know there is a castle there but i won’t have the time to visit it. I’ll take the ferry to Helsinbørg and try reaching Bastad achieving my first 100 km half in Denmark and half in Sweden.

There are two campsites so i’ll pinch my tent for the first time and check everything about my camp gear. I wannna go wildcamping but not from the first day.  After two more days of cycling the Kattegattleden path, a bike route of 370km I’ll arrive in Gothenborg where i’ll be hosted by a friend.




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