A first swedish ride

December 8, 2016
Copenhagen to Gothenborg
April 23, 2016
The joy of Planning your Trip
January 9, 2017

Today i thought i should do a first ride in Sweden using google street map view, just to see how is the weather like and what period. I ‘m already following in Instagram some swedish landscape accounts and all i see is snow, so i got worried.

I entered the street map of gooogle to get a feeling from the “kattegattleden” route which connects Helsinborg and Göteborg and i can say that i’m impressed! It was shooted on sunny July days and i met a lot of bikes using the route. That suits me right! I can see myself pedaling there 🙂

It’s been a month since i decided to visit Copenhagen and stockholm rather than Norway. “You leave the best aside” people told me. What can I do? These two cities are a priority for me and i also included Gotenborg where I shall meet a good friend. It ‘s good to have some friends to visit when you travel solo.

Also, this is my first article. Last night i consider a journal and here it is!

I hope it keeps you good company and answer any bike travelling questions you may have.



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