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Athens to Copenhagen: First impressions

June 22, 2017
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May 8, 2017
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January 24, 2018

I checked in at Athens airport and delivered my bike as better as I could. I had it wrapped some days ago trying to keep in mind how the airport stuff would handle it. It all end up well and I arrived at Castrup airport with my bike intact.

I then spent one hour to assemble it and load it with everything I’d carry with me for the next weeks. I must say it was hard to ride it with all that load and i also noticed a gear problem.

But these were minor problems when you see a beautiful bike lane outside the airport offering you a safe ride to the town.

It is a big surprise for anyone who sees this infrastructure, all these bike routes full of bikers of every age. It is every biker’s dream. This is a city that lives in the future!

I checked in at my hostel, unload the heavy weight and run out on a sunny Sunday ride in Copenhagen.   The Danish are very beautiful and worthy people. They respect their country, they’re all riding a bicycle and they have a nice culture. Also i could see their modern taste in design.

The parks were full of people who enjoyed this perfect rest day. I couldn’t find an open bike shop to fix my bike because of the day so i kept wandering around admiring this great city.

The sun wasn’t willing to leave us sooner than 10 o’clock so i saw much of the city for one day. The night found me tired, sitting at my hostel’s lounge drinking a beer and writing this diary. I also used wifi to contact my friends back in Greece and fell asleep shortly after.



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