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Copenhagen: That’s how a future city will look like

January 24, 2018
Athens to Copenhagen: First impressions
June 22, 2017
Copenhagen to Forslov by bike
February 2, 2018

The sun was killing my eyes from 5 o’clock in the morning and i was making an effort to sleep more. Finally i got up at 7, drunk a cup of coffee and got my bike to visit more places around.

It was too early to find a bike shop open so i tried to find anything(museum, librery) that would have been open at this time. The road led me to the Royal library, also known as “The black Diamond” because of its shape and the materials that had been used to be built. It was worth a visit and i sat for a coffee and some pastries.

As the time was passing by, i went to a bike shop to tune the bike. The owner was yelling at his mechanic when I entered the shop and the vibrations i got from him were totally negative. He admired my bike at first and then he tried to convince me that my problem would be solved with just 100 euros. I beckoned and tried a descent bike shop some yards away. This other guy really helped me with my tuning without even asking me for money. I was really happy! My bike was perfect again and i was confident that I wouldn’t have any problem in my trip.

Then i visited Papiroeen which is a nice street food space with ethnic style all over the world. I was eating my mexican meal when the rain started to pour. I wasn’t happy with it although the danish people were leaving papiroeen without much consideration. I spent an hour there waiting for the rain to stop.

After that i went to Cristiania. I had heard that it is a hipster area with art stuff but not safe to walk it at night. I saw a large park with houses in it and many hippies who were selling drugs in kiosks. The place was dangerous to take photos and i urged my way out of there.

My next wish was to ride the Cykelslangen!  This is  a bridge that looks like a snake and it is only for bikes. I have read an article about it and i was very excited to be there. It was fun to ride and i also got some pictures with my camera.

My afternoon was filled with four haircuts that i had scheduled near Orebro. There was Elena from Greece and some friends of her who were waiting for me. I enjoyed spending a couple of hours with them. We talk about every question i had about living in Denmark or working there. They do have a very strong economy but the weather and the absence of the sun are the major problems specially for us who have used the Greek climate.

I said goodnight as the light was falling and I didn’t had lights on my bike. I sat for a while at my hostel’s lounge and headed for a good sleep as i had my first bike ride tomorrow.



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