About Me

Short story

It's been 4 years since i first read about bike travelers and i was thrilled by the idea. I started following bikers on twitter and read about their journeys and how they manage to continue every day. The most inspiring person for me is Thomas Andersen, the danish who completed the circumnavigation in six years keeping a wonderful diary letting my mind to travel along him. You can read his diary here

So i started thinking of making my own journey around the globe, meaning that i would leave everything behind and change my way of life for some years. I'm not quite sure if it is easy to do so, but i decided to go slow.

I've visited Europe and the States but it was only Greece that i've travelled by bike. It was last summer, when i got back from the US and I wanted to try something different. So I scheduled a 15 days trip crossing North Greece and three islands .

As it was my first ever experience in bike trips i chose to stay in hotels or hosted at friendly houses on my way. That means that i didn't carry a tent, i wasn't camping, i was eating in restaurants and i was not alone.

It was a nice experience but now i have to make it even nature friendly. I'm planning to visit three major cities. Starting from Copenhagen, i'll reach for Gothenburg and then end my trip in Stockholm. I have 17 days and i am willing to enjoy those by pitching my tent under the swedish sky, wildcamping wherever i can, swimming in the cold lakes, making new friends and most of all exploring myself!

I would love to have your company with me as i will be writing my blog every cycling day!

I wanna visit every place on Earth and maybe my bike (who knows) will give me this chance one day.