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Gothenborg to Stockholm

April 22, 2016
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March 11, 2014
Copenhagen to Gothenborg
April 23, 2016

Although i have read a lot about Kattekattleden and i already know how to write it (without looking the sign again) the second hand of my trip is pretty much unknown to me. There is certainly a line that can someone draw on the map between Gothenborg and Stockholm but which is the most beautiful bike friendly way to go?

I had three options. At first i checked which route has fewer mountains and hills. It seemed nice.

The second choice was a part of eurovelo route 7 but it didn’t have so much information.

The eurovelo route


The third choice which i decided to go for is the Strava choice. The choice most bikers have on their gps devices. Also a friend i have in Sweden said that it would be better to visit Vanern lake instead of Vattern so i chose this way to continue my trip.

Strava segments from fellow bike travelers

You can check this planned route in Strava here



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