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BlitzWolf Solar Charger 15W

April 5, 2017
Eurovelos passing Greece
March 23, 2017
Greek Countryside
April 22, 2017

I just received my “extra” charging system for my trip. It will charge my iPhone and my action cam when i run out of energy. Campings in Sweden will have electricity as an extra, but i would like to go wildcamping at least the half days.

I didn’t (and i still don’t) know how many watts will I need but i went for the cheaper version of BlitzWolf so i won’t carry extra weight, pay less and who knows if i am really going to use it. I will do an update after my journey ends.

The Blitzwolf system has two panels and a charging station without any batteries inside. So you’ll have to use a separate power bank or your phone directly.

It has a larger version of 20W 3A offer. It is ultra portable, foldable and addressed with two usb ports for faster charging. It has Power3s Technology and promises 21.5%-23.5% efficiency!


Power: 15W / 20W

Tot.Max.Outpout: 5V-2A / 7,5V-3A

Panel Type: SunPower

Opened Size: 290*530*4mm / 270*675*4mm

Closed size: 290*160*20mm / 270*150*28mm

Weight: 350gr / 550gr

More info at blitzwolf site



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